Hello Bar uses what is called an Inline Text Editor which makes it really easy for you to have total control over the styling of the text on your Site Elements. 

Once you select your Site Element Type (Hello Bar, Modal, Slider, Alert, Page Takeover) you will be taken to the Design Tab. From here all you have to do is click directly on the text in your Site Element in the Preview Window and you will immediately see the Inline Text Editor appear.

You will have total control over the styling of your text from this panel. And when we say “total control” we mean it. We don’t recommend doing this but to demonstrate the kind of control you have, we have created a bar where each text character has its own styling.

Below are all of the features you can access within the Inline Text Editor. 

Note: Unfortunately, we cannot offer certain features on Hello Bars that we offer on all other Site Elements. 

Available on all Site Element Types:

Font Family

Want to try a new font? We’ve got you covered with 37 different fonts to choose from. If you don’t see the font you like, please submit a feature request here or reach out to us at support@hellobar.com. You can look at the Google Fonts library here and let us know which one you’d like to see in Hello Bar. 

Font Size

You can also change the size of the text very easily by clicking on the button shown below...

Font Color

You also have control over the color of your font by clicking on the button shown below…

Text Background Color

If you’d like to add a background color behind your text, you’ll need to click twice. Once on the color dropdown, then on the background tab like you see below...

Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikethrough

You also have the usual bold, italic, underline and strikethrough formatting options available...


Who doesn’t like emojis? An emoji can say a lot more than text and add a little character to your Site Elements. Click on the emoji button shown below to start trying them out


You can make any part of your text a hyperlink as well. Just simply highlight the text you want and then click on the hyperlink button. You’ll then be prompted to paste or type in the hyperlink you want the user to click on. If you want the link to open in a new tab so the user keeps your site open, make sure you tick the option that says “Open in new tab.”

Clear Formatting

If you would like to clear all the formatting changes you have made, there is a button to do just that. Select all text you want to remove formatting from and click on the eraser button shown below. This will remove all text formatting from those characters. 

Undo & Redo

If you make a change and you want to 


This is a really cool feature. If you want to display the location of your site visitors you can easily do that using our Geolocation features. Based on the IP address of the user, we can identify their Country, City and Region. In the example below you’re seeing our headquarters in San Diego, California. 

Sometimes users block IP tracking so we would recommend adding a default name to any of these options that you include in case we cannot correctly identify their location.

As noted above, not all formatting features are available on Hello Bars. Below are the options that you will see on all Site Element Types except Hello Bars.


If you would like to change the alignment of your text, you can align left, right or center.

Numbered & Ordered Lists

You can also add numbered or ordered lists to your Site Elements like this...

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