If you are on Hello Bar’s Free Starter Plan, your pop-ups will have Hello Bar's logo placed on them automatically. This means that you will either see our Hello Bar Logo, a giant "H", or the words “Powered by Hello Bar”, depending on the type of pop-up you choose.

This logo cannot be removed from your pop-ups unless you upgrade to one of our paid plans. Once on a paid plan, you will easily be able to remove the branding from your pop-ups.

To turn off the branding you will need to log in to Hello Bar, then enter the pop-up builder. Here, you will navigate to the Design tab and  click the toggle next to "Hello Bar branding" to "Off" – it will turn from green to grey when you do this.

Once you turn this toggle off, you will just click the green button that says "Save & Publish" in the top right corner of the builder and you will be all set to remove the branding from your pop-ups!

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