Retrieve your Hello Bar code:

  1. Log into your Hello Bar account.
  2. Click Create New and follow the steps to customize your own Hello Bar
  3. OR Click the Settings tab on the left hand side of your Hello Bar Dashboard and locate the ‘Installation Instructions’ link on that page.
  4. Click I can install code myself and copy the code.

Step 2 | Add Hello Bar HTML to your site:

  1. Sign in to your Wix account.
  2. Go to your Site Manager.
  3. Click Tracking & Analytics.
  4. Click + New Tool and select Custom from the dropdown.
  5. Set up your Hello Bar code:
    1. Enter your Hello Bar tracking code.
    2. Select the relevant domain.
      Note: This option will appear only if you have multiple domains.
    3. Enter a name for your code.
    4. Select Choose specific pages under Add Code to Pages:
      1.  Begin typing page names and then click the checkbox next to the relevant page.
    5. Select Body – end under Place Code in.
  6. Click Apply.


Note: This feature is only available for sites with a connected domain.