Hey Ucraft Users!

Not to fear, Hello Bar can easily be installed on your Ucraft website. You won't even need a developer. It is super simple!

Here's how to get Hello Bar up and running on your Ucraft website: 

First, after your have created your Hello Bar account, grab your Installation Script from within your Hello Bar Dashboard;

Next, You will log into your Ucraft account and follow the instructions below; 

  1. Inside your Ucraft Dashboard, select the Integrations in the left side panel,
  2.  Then, select Hello Bar from the pop-out menu.

3. Finally, place your Hello Bar Installation script you copied from above, place it in the popup box and click Connect.

That's it! You'll never need to update the code on your site again. You can now log into your Hello Bar account and create the popups you wish to show on your live website

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