Editing an existing pop-up is super easy using Hello Bar! You can adjust any aspect of the pop-up, from color, to text, to timing settings. You name it, Hello Bar lets you edit it!

In order to edit an existing pop-up, you will follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to your Hello Bar dashboard
  2. Go to the Manage tab on the lefthand menu of the dashboard
  3. When you open up the Manage tab, you will be able to see any existing pop-ups that you have already created. Pop-ups that are currently running on your site will be under the Active tab, while any pop-ups that are inactive will be under the Paused tab
  4. In order to edit your pop-up, you will first want to locate it. Once you do, just click the Gear icon on the right side of the pop-up you wish to edit
  5. Now, select Edit from the dropdown menu that appears, and you will enter straight into the pop-up builder once again!

Once inside the pop-up builder, you will be able to make any edits you desire. In order to set your changes live on your site, just click the green Save & Publish button in the top right corner of the builder.

Please note that when you make a change to a pop-up, it may not be represented in your browser immediately. This is because Hello Bar uses cookies to help guide how and when pop-ups appear. 

To see your newly edited pop-up, please clear your browser's cookies, or view your site and new pop-up from an incognito browser window.