On your Elite Plan, you have access to 500,000 views each month. This is typically enough to carry most sites through the month – so if you are reading this article, congratulations! You are a master at driving traffic to your site! 

What that 500,000 view limit means, though, is that your site only has access to that set amount each month. If you exceed this amount of views, our system automatically bills you for overages.

For each 100,000 views you exceed your 500,000 view limit by, our system will bill you $5 on top of your monthly or yearly subscription fee. 

So if your site got 600,000 views in the month of June while you were on an Elite Monthly Plan, you would be billed $99 for the regular subscription of Elite, along with $5 for that overage.

Is your site getting way more views than 500,000 each month? We certainly don't want to leave you with fees on top of fees! Please reach out to our team for a custom plan and custom view limit.