Announcements of GDPR regulations shook the email marketing space in early 2018, raising questions about how emails are collected and added to companies' email lists.

With this change in regulations in mind, our team created an easy to use GDPR feature to ensure that you are collecting emails with peace of mind and according to GDPR regulations.

We highly recommend you read up on GDPR if you live in the EU or you have visitors to your site that come from the EU. You can find lots of articles online about GDPR but we recommend starting with the official site:

On Hello Bar, you have the option of adding your own Privacy Policy and/or Terms & Conditions to your GDPR enabled Hello Bars. 

In order to do this, you will:

  1. Log in to your Hello Bar Dashboard
  2. Click the Settings tab on the left hand side of your Dashboard
  3. Click the Privacy Tab at the top of that page

Here, you will be able to upload your own legal material straight into Hello Bar by adding in the URL link to these materials on your site.

Once you've uploaded your legal materials, you will want to be sure that GDPR is enabled on each of your pop-ups. 

Enabling GDPR

Each Hello Bar pop-up that you create that has the goal of collecting users information, such as the goal to collect email sign-ups, will have the option to enable GDPR compliance.

Here's how to enable GDPR:

  1. Log into your Hello Bar account and create a new pop-up, or edit an existing pop-up (to do this, go to the Manage tab of the dashboard, then click the grey gear next to the pop-up you would like to edit and select "Edit")
  2. Once you are within the pop-up builder, go to the Settings tab
  3. Here, you will see a toggle labeled "GDPR Compliant" – you will want to shift this toggle so that it is green and reads "ON"

Please note that if you have not yet uploaded your legal material to the Settings section of Hello Bar, you will see a message like this appear:

Just click the green "Go To Settings" button, then follow the steps at the beginning of this article to update your GDPR materials.

If you have already updated your GDPR materials successfully, all you will need to do is switch the toggle to "ON". At that time, you will be all set – just click the green "Save & Publish" button at the top of the builder to set these changes live and enable GDPR on your pop-up.

Now, when a visitor comes to your site and views your Hello Bar pop-ups, the GDPR compliance will display once a user has clicked the submit button on the pop-up. At this time, a new area will appear asking for the final GDPR consent before the data is finally collected.

Please note that you will need to enable GDPR compliance on each of your Hello Bar pop-ups. Changing it on one will not change it on all pop-ups.