Customizing your pop-ups is super important! After all, every site is different, and every site has different design needs.

While most of our pop-ups do the work for you and will auto-render to the device your visitor is viewing your site from, our top bars do allow you the opportunity to adjust their size specifically! 

You can make your bar skinny, thick, obvious, or shy – there's plenty of options here! Here's how:

  1. Go to the Design Tab within the Hello Bar pop-up builder
  2. Click Bar Styling, so that a menu drops down
  3. Here, you will see a setting for Size, along with toggles to either increase or decrease the size (the minimum size is 30px and the maximum size is 100px).

Feel free to play around with these to see what size of bar is best for your site!

Please keep in mind that apart from our bars, the rest of our pop-ups sizes cannot be edited. This is to ensure they look as good as your site as possible, when displayed across all different types of devices and browsers!