Hello Bar offers a ton of ready-made pop-up templates that you can use on your site, instead of starting from scratch on a brand new design, or hiring a designer to assist you.

Every single template we release on Hello Bar is created by a professional designer and proven to convert – we don't release anything unless results are proven! Plus, we are constantly adding more templates to the mix. 

It is super easy to browse existing templates on Hello Bar, using our Template Gallery.

Here's how to access our Template Gallery to get a beautiful and high-converting pop-up up and running in no time!

  1. Log in to your Hello Bar account and create a new pop-up or edit an existing pop-up (to do this, just go to your Manage tab and then click the grey gear next to the pop-up you would like to edit – then select "Edit")
  2. Select a goal for your pop-ups, then a type of pop-up. Don't worry, we have templates for every option and pop-up type on Hello Bar!
  3. In the Design tab, you will be able to change the template you are using by clicking the green button that says "Change template" in the Template category of the toolset. When you click this button, the Template Gallery will open, covering your current pop-up design
  4. Here, you will be able to select a pop-up design, or you can autodetect colors from your site so that your pop-ups instantly match your web designs. 

Please note: If you were editing a pop-up design already and then switched to a new template, you will be prompted to confirm as you will lose any changes you had previously made. The default settings of the template will replace any other changes you had previously made.