On Hello Bar, you are able to access multiple websites, domains, and subdomains from the same Hello Bar account. It is super easy to switch between these – here is exactly how to add a new site.

In order to add a new site to your Hello Bar account:

  1. Log in to your Hello Bar account
  2. Hover over your current site URL/Domain in your Hello Bar Dashboard header (to the right of the Hello Bar logo)
  3. When you click this URL, a drop down menu will appear. Select "Add New Site" from this drop down menu

Now, just enter in the URL of the site, domain, or subdomain you would like to add to your Hello Bar account. That's all! You are now all set up.

Please note that if you are currently using a paid Hello Bar Plan on a site, domain, or subdomain, such as Hello Bar Pro, Growth, or Elite, this subscription will only apply to that particular site.

If you would like to make use of the same paid features on the new site, domain, or subdomain that you are adding, please purchase a paid account for the new site that you have added by navigating to the Settings tab of your Hello Bar dashboard for the new site.