Every Nth Session

A Hello Bar can be set to show after a user has visited your site a set number of times by using the Targeting options. Meaning, if you use this targeting rule option, and you use “every 3rd session” as your targeted rule, the Hello Bar would only appear after the user has visited your website 3 time.

Creating your Targeting Rule:

1. First you will want to navigate to the Targeting area in the Edit screen and select Create new customer targeting rule

2. This will present you with a Targeting window, within that popup you will want to adjust your rules so they target ‘Every Nth Session‘.

  • Click on the blue + (plus) button to add a new condition
  • Select Every Nth Session from the first drop down
  • Choose how many sessions you would like a user to have before they see that specific Hello Bar

The bars that use this targeting option will only display to users who have had that many sessions, depending on the options you have selected.