A bar can be set to show on a specific page or set of pages by using the Targeting option.

Creating your Targeting Rule:

  1. First you will want to navigate to the Targeting section in the Edit screen and select Create new custom targeting rule
  2. This will present you with a Targeting Rule window, within that popup you will want to adjust your rules so that it targets a user who is arriving from a certain  Previous Page URL.
  • Click on the blue + (plus) button to add a new condition
  • Select URL Path from the first drop down
  • Choose a URL Path option (is, is not, includes or does not include)
  • Enter only the URL Path in the space provided. Do not include your site's domain. (See example below)
  • Enter a Name for the targeting rule and click Save

The bars or popups that use this targeting rule will only be displayed on the specific page or set of pages you indicated, depending on what URL Path conditions you created (is, is not, includes or does not include)


In this example we will target a bar for a specific page on your site. The URL of the page we will use is http://www.hellobar.com/use-cases.

  1.  Start by adding a new condition and select “URL Path” as the Segment type.
  2.  Next, select “IS” as the Rule option.
  3.  Enter the URL Path in the Value field.

The bar that has this targeting rule set up will be displayed only when visitors visit http://www.hellobar.com/use-cases