First off, if you created your account using Google verification then you can only login to Hello Bar using Google verification because no password data was previously stored in Hello Bar's servers. The verification of the user identity is coursed via Google's system.

That means we cannot reset a password for a Hello Bar user who used Google verification to create their account because there was no initial password that was submitted to our system in the first place.

If you created your account using Google verification, please visit and instead of typing your email, simply click on the button that says "Login With Google" as shown in the example below and use your Google credentials to proceed:

Now if you created your account manually by actually nominating a password (instead of using a Google login), and you happen to forgotten your password or are not able to log in, you can manually reset your account password by visiting, and entering the email address associated with the account, and then checking the password reset instructions that will be sent to you by email.

Make sure to check in your spam mailbox if you're not finding the password reset email in your regular inbox.

Please email us via or chat with us via our homepage chat widget if you need any kind of help with your account!