Hey WordPress Users!

If you use WordPress you’ll love our super easy copy-and-paste integration. Get your site snippet located inside your Hello Bar Dashboard once you have created your account.

1) Copy Your Site Snippet

Log in to your WordPress back end and click on "Plugins" on the left panel of the admin section and then select "add new".

In the Search box, type in "Hello Bar" and then hit "Install" once it populated.

You'll then need to hit "Activate".

Afterward, scroll down to the left side of the panel and you should see Hello Bar on it, which you'll want to click, and then enter your site snippet which is the following.

Now click the Hello Bar icon at the bottom left of your dashboard and then paste the snippet into the field on the right.
-Once you have pasted your snippet, click ‘Activate Hello Bar’ and you are all done!

If you happen to be using a server-side caching plugin like Autoptimizer, WProcket etc. Please do clear the cache on the plugin to make sure that this update will reflect when viewed on your website.

Also please clear the browser's cache to view the most updated version of your website.

You may now log into your Hello Bar account to create content you wish to showcase on your website.

Have a question or suggestions, please feel free to reach out to us at support@hellobar.com