So you're worrying that your site visitors may not see your popup due to adblockers running on their browsers? Well, worry no more as you can now overpower this great marketing nemesis with Hellobar's AdBlock detection targeting and not miss any conversions!

Please note that this feature requires a subscription to the Growth plan and higher to unlock.

Navigate in your Hello Bar dashboard under "Targeting" then hit "Create New Rule" at the top right.

Then select the "Ad Blocker Detected" from the list of the rules.

Set the "Value" to "Yes" then Save it.

You can now use this targeting rule in your popup.

Create a popup to prompt and notify your site visitors about the ad blocker detection feature to give them the option to allow viewing the popups and bypass the ad blocker.

Under targeting, select the Ad block targeting rule that you've created.

Hit "Publish" and that's it! You're all set now to bypass the adblockers running on your site visitors' browsers.

Please reach out to us at if you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns.