If you prefer giving control to your site visitors on when to display your popup, rather than automatically displaying it on your site, here's a guide on how to set the popup/bar trigger on an element click to help boost your customer engagement and allow you to incentivize your visitors to turn into customers by providing a much more personalized context!

In your Popup editor, navigate under "Settings" then select "On a Click" under "When does it display?"

It will then ask for the CSS Selector of the Element ie., a button, text, image, etc.

The simplest way to get this CSS Selector is by using the Browser Developer Tool, here's how!

For Google Chrome, open your site, right-click anywhere on the page, and select "Inspect". 

It will open the browser dev tool from which you will hit the little arrow icon, then point the cursor or click the element that you want to open the popup, and then right-click on the highlighted element in the browser dev tool.

Select "Copy" then "Copy Selector".

Paste the CSS selector then hit "Publish Now" and that's it!

See more on how to get the CSS selector here https://devtoolstips.org/tips/en/copy-css-selector/

For any questions, suggestions, or concerns, feel free to reach out to us at support@hellobar.com.