Hello Bar can create events whenever views or conversions happen on your site using the Hello Bar popups to Google Analytics

Now that GA has come up with a new event place called GA4, this article will help guide you on setting up events for Hello Bar-related views and conversion in GA4.

Once you have set up GA4 on your site, you'll be using Google Tag Manager to create the event trigger that will pass the events from Hello Bar to your GA4 property.

Go to GTM and under Tags, create a new tag and name it something like "HelloBarEvent to GA4"

Select the Google Analytics GA4 Event Tag Type.

Under "Configuration Tag", select your GA4 configuration that you should have already created.

Enter the Event Name

For the trigger, click the + sign and name the trigger "HelloBar trigger"

Select the Custom Event Trigger type.

Name the event "HelloBarEvent", then Save it.

Go back to the Tag Configuration and add "Action" and "Label" parameters.

The "Action" parameter is for the Views and Conversions while the "Label" is for the popup or bar ID.

Click the plus sign under the "Value" fields for each parameter then add a new variable (click + again).

Name the variable accordingly, then select "Data Layer Variable" under the variable type.

Add a name for both your Data layer variables like the following.

The event parameter should now appear as follows once you create Data Layer Variables for both the "Action" and "Label" parameters.

Hit Save and you're all set!

Please see all the instructions and steps demonstrated on the following screen share.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at support@hellobar.com