This article will walk you through integrating Hello Bar into Intercom to further manage and utilize the contacts that your Hello Bar popup collects.


Note that unlocking this feature requires upgrading to the Growth or higher plan.

Let's get started!

Navigate to your Hello Bar account dashboard under "Contacts" and hit "New Contact List" (or edit an existing one)

Then add the contact list name and hit "SHOW ALL TOOLS".

Select "Intercom" from the list.

Hit "Connect" then log in to your Intercom account on the prompt.

Then hit "Authorize Access.".

And finally hit "Save".

And that's it! You can now sync the contacts that your popup will collect to your Intercom account by simply assigning this contact list to your popup under your popup conversion section. ( in your popup editor, go to "Conversion" and assign the contact list to it)

Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions!